And the journey starts…

This is my get fit, get healthy blog. As of when I wake up tomorrow, I will be a health freak. I will quit my 25-a-day Marlboro Light habit and will lose the 11 or so extra stone that are hanging around my gut (as well as my chin and my thighs). This blog is an attempt to keep me accountable. If I break my pledges, it will be in a horrendously public, Kerry Katona-style meltdown. If I succeed, well, I’ll draw accolades from across this worldwide web!

I’m setting myself a number of challenges: I’m going to register for the Dublin City Marathon on October 25th 2010, which means I’ll have to start training for that within 6 weeks. I’m going to run for the Irish Cancer Society (to make up for all the second-hand smoke I’ve inflicted on the world; If I’ve inadvertently inflicted any second-hand hydrogenated fats on the world, then it’ll make up for them too!)

I’m also on the look-out for some form of male beauty contest that I can enter in the summer of 2011. Suggestions welcome!

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4 Responses to And the journey starts…

  1. Sergio says:

    I wish you all the best with your plan. May we have some wodka-tonics together after a marathon soon. Sergio

  2. Anonymous says:

    Am also planning to run the marathon since both it and i began in 1980 so if you need a running buddy/personal slavedriver you have my numberAine

  3. Anonymous says:

    btw not sure why it's asking me to be anonymous…

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